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Small suction cup- El Mataor

Small suction cup- El Mataor

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Suction cup for ultra resistant PDR of excellent duration. Great grip and incredibly powerful for its small size. With the right silicone, the pulls become huge. Ideal for studs or any other part of the vehicle.

Its special plastic material combines strength and elasticity, which generates a very powerful pull while preventing its neck from breaking easily as it happens with other suction cups on the market. Whether in cold or warm environments, it supports the powerful jerks of the inertial hammer very well. In addition, once the point is found, you will go faster since, especially in hail, a single pull will be enough to remove the dent.

Its thin neck produces a pull right in the center of the suction cup and there it focuses all its potential. Thick neck does not guarantee more power, but in many cases the energy is dissipated without having the proper effect.

Available in 10.5mm and 16mm diameter

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